It's great, son!

Look how vymahal - and do not know you now. I have a face at last with your tupenky godkov contemplated five years ago - hardened seen was in his economic.
Busy, yes. Manager, you say? I, too, your foreman worked. And fuck - the same task-huyaski, party, hence, corporate on the bench, dancing at the country club.
Subordinate audio ear or in the tooth foot. What, what? Paints thicken? Positive, you then have to ... trendy catchwords picked up. We somehow could not only Kaas that's about listening lamur yes peteushnits squeezed under it, and you already lamur glamor this where you do not sneeze.
Ge-Lamour. Ge-cue, you know. Ge - it is "ge". Gvirtualnost.

In your cringed tequila little minds on the remaining of the cerebellum place still hovers the spirit of our bright communist. Warms.
It was taught from childhood that there is no evil, all will be good, and the best achievement of science - in the soda machine for a penny. Not the arms race, and the friendship of peoples. No work-family-life-routine-pull-strap-bitch-and-then-podohnesh and "solar circle around the sky." And for life. Magazine read under the desk in school, right?
Yes, no gaps, you fool, all read, Hooley is already here. I thought, here I grow up - just so fucking start. Love, you know, do. Physical-spiritual unity. But it turned out - not that at Alice Seleznev masturbate in the shower.
Pint of five yes condom "Erotica" for half a ruble, huh? Dispensary love? Well done. As you write it - and a glass of port "where thrusting, greenhorn?" And now - so in general. If klubane after work not otsosut - so do neebanym sleep rubble. Home-the dead come home from work, what sort of wife you love this?

A job for you! Favorite thing, you say? All my life I dreamed of, yeah. Mae-Nagy-ment.
Any cop does the same: the authorities licks the rest - fuck. Not so, what? Well yes you read clever books even stopped for a long time not because of all, that, say, or no, there is no good, you know, all too blunt, not communicate with anyone.
Because fools you both should be: it - worse, that only saluted yes drool drop, and you - a bit smarter, that even the "so exactly will be done, Comrade Major," to talk about.

That knocks your fragment of the Komsomol, crying. I do not want to say any garbage, and I want to let in Rio in white pants. And that no black or gray.
I want everyone to like a fairy tale of my childhood was - smiling all the hunters shoot wolves, hare carrot nibbles but dissecting the carousel. Pozitivnenko so.
So as not to гондонах-свечках-полотенцах-душе-коленках-блять-натертых-да-простыни-грязной - A theme sublime fucked commercials reveal. And not to yogurt in the morning, and the bar with friends, but fun.
And not a bullet in the forehead of the debt, but the game was too interesting. And blinking frantically, to the pain in his eyebrows, to shiver in the spine - inside! inside! out would not look out! .. yes all the Holy Spirit instead of bread.

All right, darling. Do not Cry. For better hold. Come on ... for the meeting.



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