In school, as in war (5 photos)

The kids from Indonesia daily risk their lives going to school.
Funneling them through the aqueduct, it is the similarity of the bridge, but it was built entirely for other purposes and is not fit for pedestrians.
Plate, as parents let them alone.

It was intended for the transportation of water, and the wooden structure links the two settlements - Suro Village and Plempangen Village. Even if it would have been very dangerous, the villagers would prefer to use the aqueduct than to go to a distance of more than five kilometers.

Children in school uniforms ride a bike on board and adults use it to go to the store to buy food and everything necessary for the house.

This year, a group of children in the province of Lebak was saved from the suspension bridge that collapsed into the river. Children three months did not go to school, because all flood damaged bridges.

Despite the poor transport links to the Indonesian island, it has a population of 137 million, is the most populous island in the world and one of the most densely populated places on the globe (population density - 979 people. / Km²).



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