25 undeniable truths about personal development.

1. Acquired knowledge does not guarantee that you will grow and develop, the main thing - the ability to apply them.
2. Good idea without action - nothing.
3. Features you need not search for and create.
4. 10% of our lives affect uncontrollable circumstances, and the remaining 90% - the way we react to these circumstances.
5. The fact that we do not start today, can not be completed tomorrow, so never need to delay.
6. While waiting for the ideal conditions to carry out their plans, you may be left with nothing.
7. As long as you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you get.
8. Do not be afraid of change. Most often, they occur at precisely the moment when they are needed.
9. Discipline is needed in order to of what you want most and what you want right now, you can always choose the first.
10. The more difficult the path, the greater the success awaits at its end.
11. Difficult times can not last forever, but if a person complicates everything myself - it's forever.
12. Many successful people have transferred many setbacks before get his.
13. No one is born a success.
14. There are so many things about which we know nothing.
15. Having a plan with any shortcomings is better than no plan at all.
16. The first step is to learn to say "yes." It diversifies your life and help you find the target. In doing so, learn to say "no" to fully focus on this goal, and to give up all the excess.
17. No matter how you make a living, you only work for one person - themselves. The main thing is to decide what you are selling and to whom?
18. We all have our strengths. What worked someone else may not work for you, and vice versa.
19. You will never be the owner of a good idea, if not before that will generate a lot of bad.
20. Being busy and being productive - are two different things.
21. Be happy and be successful - are two different things.
22. In each situation, you have a choice.
23. The success - it does not dominate the other, it's dominance over their own potential.
24. Life is full of opportunities through which you can become what you want.
25. You have every right to be happy. Make you do it right or not, it depends on you.


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