Iq - test

Test for intelligence - English, but you can do without the knowledge thereof.
Explanation for those who do not know the language:
Each answer is given 60 seconds. You can add a time by pressing TIMER, but you will subtract 1 point from the result.
The first 8 tasks are clear - to find a sequence or a missing piece.
9-12 tasks - remember in 60 seconds. picture and the next picture point to the item that was on the previous one. But if you see a word in the job ABSENT, point to the element that was absent in the previous picture.
13-20 - understandable without translation.
21. How many red circles?
22. How many blue squares?
23. How many squares?
24. How many bees collect honey (flying from flower to a cell, or vice versa)? Etc ...
Then click on RESULTS.
Hopefully, your result will be not less than 100 ...


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