In Indonesia, the volcano woke karangetang

In eastern Indonesia, the volcano woke karangetang. The length of streams of molten lava, in some cases up to a kilometer. As the head of the national seismological service of the country South Simatupang, awakened volcano threatens the lives of hundreds of people living in nearby villages. Currently being emergency evacuation of the residents of the settlements, which are located five kilometers from the crater karangetang, ITAR-TASS reported.

The volcano is located on the island of Siau 2,200 kilometers north-east of the capital Jakarta. Indonesian (Malay) archipelago consists of more than 18,000 islands sprawl along the equator at 6500 kilometers. The world's largest island country surrounded by the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire - a chain of seismically active zones and volcanoes, including underwater.


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