Window to another world

There are a number of ways to spice up your interior with false windows, and each of them creates a unique effect and separate spirits. For example, a "window" in a specially made in a wall niche, closed inserted into the frame glass, and the rear wall niche papered photo wallpapers. In the niche you can install fluorescent lights, which will create the illusion of natural light entering the room through the "window". If you set a falshokno not in the wall and on the ceiling, you can feel comfortable loft dwellers. Mural depicting the sky, corresponding to light - these are quite affordable in the most ordinary apartment techniques create a sense of air and romantic interior.

The only drawback falshokna, who agreed with skeptics and fans of the reception - this is static. Sooner or later, the same picture before my eyes get tired. And frequent changes in the type of "box" is quite a challenge: it is necessary to disassemble the frame, remove the old Desktop ... It turns a small-scale local repair. Therefore, those who want to constantly update the image, it is necessary to pre-select the proper construction of the "box".

If falshokno small size, you can order it as a frame for the glass which, as in a conventional photo frame, it will be convenient to insert different types of posters. Above the glass fix frame, as for a false window. It remains only to think of where to store the old posters - most likely, you will want to return to them periodically. By the way, you can order and a structure in which the frame itself would be opened like a door to the apartment owner can change the image, depending on the season or the mood.

No matter how natural or falshokno happened, we should not forget that it is just an expression of our desire for unity with nature. Therefore, from time to time as necessary to change the usual pace of life and get out of town. No one, even the most high-tech "window" is no substitute for nature - wonder of God's creation, created for the joy of man.


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