The Russian Foreign Ministry will punish the Turkish tour operators

However it has caused concern of the diplomatic department of our country. Although the majority of Russian tour operators with their Turkish partners are working in good faith and provide quality services to the Russians, recently, according to Kamynin, there were many of those Russian Foreign Ministry called a "fly in the ointment" in appealing to our visitors Turkish "barrel with honey." In other words, more and more travel companies are not always untidiness and fulfill their obligations, leading to a decrease in the quality of services. And as a result - a spoiled vacation, and sometimes health.

The reason to intervene at this level was the fact that in June this year broke a few scandals: arriving on rest of children from Russia for several days not accommodated in a hotel or selling tickets to the unfinished hotel. In his commentary «NewsInfo» executive director of the organization contribute to the protection of consumer rights in the tourism sector "to protect the rights of the tourist club" Fedor Korobkov said the last straw in the cup of patience of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs became the latest scandal, which occurred with the Russian children in early July. Recall that while about 70 people receiving party could not stay in the hotel to resolve the situation and joined Russian consular service.

According to Russian experts, still remains a serious problem of dumping the company's policy to increase the number of sales at the expense of cheaper tickets through the "symbolic" health insurance. However, tempted by the cheapness of services to tourists with a "phony insurance" in case of emergency situations may be in a situation where it no one will give medical assistance. And then to help the unfortunate fellow Russian diplomats came, primarily, representatives of the Consulate General in Antalya. And such cases became so numerous that the foreign affairs agencies of our country rightly decided to prevent similar incidents imposition of liability on the direct organizers of trips.

And for that, the Foreign Ministry of the country itself, together with Rosturizm will check all the tour operators in Turkey. At the end of tourist season, representatives of the two departments will conduct a comprehensive analysis of all complaints and incidents with our citizens, and most likely will create a "black list" of those who are acting to the detriment of Russian tourists.


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