10 facts about the human brain

The human brain - the most difficult, the unknown, and creatively gifted system knowledge of the world. The research activities of this it did not know until the end (yes and whether there is a hope?) System conducted by scientists: biologists, neuroscientists, psychologists. Sometimes we learn from these interesting facts about the human brain. And only 10 of them.

1. Our short-term memory can store only seven objects simultaneously
People have three forms of memory: sensory, short-term and long-term. Long term works like a computer hard drive, and short-term - as a very small storage device. This short-term memory can hold simultaneously in the brain, only five - nine objects. The average person is able to simultaneously hold in mind seven sites. However, a person can be trained to process more items than nine, if you teach him how to combine objects into groups. Incidentally, most of phone numbers consist of 7 digits.

2. Chartreuse - the most visible color
Yellow-green, chartreuse, is clearly in the middle frequencies of the visible spectrum. Your eyes have receptors for the perception of blue, green and red. But the brain does not receive information about colors, it receives information about the difference of light and dark, and information on the difference between the colors. As a result, the brain receptors is most easily "see" exactly the color chartreuse. Incidentally, this color is often used by psychologists, psychics, artists such as soothing and simultaneously the most visible for humans.

3. Your subconscious smarter than you
Or at least stronger. In one of the studies demonstrated a complex picture people. People had to immediately, without thinking, to point out that researchers had in mind. Most of the subjects with the task handled immediately. Other group offered first to think it was deliberately to indicate the desired sector in the figure. So what? Complete failure, despite the fact that in the solution of the problem was given a few hours.

4. Mental work does not tire the brain
It was found that the blood flowing through the brain the same throughout its active activity, no matter how much she continued. This blood, which is taken from a vein in the man who worked all day long, contains a certain percentage of "fatigue toxins". Psychiatrists found that feeling of brain fatigue is caused by our mental and emotional state.

5. Prayer beneficial effects on brain activity
During prayer perception of information man is, bypassing the thought processes and analysis, ie the person leaves from reality. In this state (as in meditation) brain occur delta waves that are usually recorded in infants in the first six months of life. Probably, this fact influences that people who regularly to worship, get sick less often and recover faster.

6. The regular work of the brain to prevent his disease
Studies show that the regular work of the brain can prevent the development of severe disease - Alzheimer's syndrome. Intellectual activity causes production of extra tissue that compensates for the ailing. This study something new, like an unusual activity classes - the best way to develop the brain. Also a beneficial effect on the activity of the brain communicate with those who are superior to you in intelligence.

7. Human brain perceives our shadows as a natural continuation of the bodies
The brain, determining body position in space as it interacts with the environment, uses visual cues that he receives not only from limbs, but also on the shade. Drop Shadow provides additional information about the position of the body in relation to the subjects, and is perceived by our brain, as its continuation.

8. To view the brain need to drink plenty of fluids
The brain, like the rest of our body consists of approximately 75% water. Therefore, in order to keep it healthy and in good condition, you need to drink the allotted Your body of water. Those who are trying to lose weight with tablets and tea, expelled from the body water, should be prepared for the fact that simultaneously with weight loss and they will lose efficiency in the brain. Therefore they should do, as it should - take any pills prescribed by a doctor.

9. Brain wakes longer than body
Intellectual abilities immediately after waking up is lower than after a sleepless night or in a state of moderate severity of intoxication. Very useful, except jogging and breakfast that reinforce metabolic processes occurring in your body, and do a little warm-up marrow. This means that it is not necessary to include a morning television, but better something a little reading or crossword puzzles to solve.

10. The brain is easier to understand speech of men than women
Male and female voices operate on different parts of the brain. Female voices - more music, sound at higher frequencies, frequency range with the wider than in male voices. Human brain have to "decode" the meaning of what the woman said, using his additional resources. By the way, people suffering from auditory hallucinations, often hear is the male speech.


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