The explosion in "Malham", Israel (5 photos)

Yesterday's match between Jerusalem and Holon "APOEL" has rolled to a climax. 1 minute and 24 seconds before the end, the score was 94-89 in favor of the Jerusalemites. However, as it turned out later, it was no longer essential.

Abandoned figliganom firecracker, torn on the floor of the Jerusalem basketball hall "Malchus" hurt not only the security guard who lost three fingers on his hand and became disabled for life, but the whole Israeli basketball, Israeli newspapers write today.

Leaders of the Israeli Basketball Association, the leadership of Major League players and owners of teams in the most harshly demanded from the police to find out who turned the sports event into a tragedy, threatening otherwise to stop just started the championship.

"Until now, I thought that this occurs only in football, but the bomb exploded on the basketball court," - said Chairman of the Board Major League Avner Kopel, saying that today held an emergency meeting of the council. He promised that the team, supporter who threw a firecracker would be "punished to the maximum", having lost the support of fans at a significant number of matches.

Leaders of both teams who were on the floor during the incident, gave a much more harsh statements. Coach and one of the owners of Holon "APOEL" Miki Dorsman, actually recreated from scratch and restored to its team in the top division, said that if in three days there will be organized a special commission to investigate the incident, he will leave the team and of basketball. "Do you want to kill? Not here, "- said Dorsman.

He was supported by the chairman of the board of directors of the Jerusalem "Hapoel" Dani Klein: "If it turns out that the firecracker thrown by one of our fans, the team just comes off with the championship and will cease to act."

Chairman of the organization of basketball Nir Alon promised that players of all teams in the league do not intend to ignore the incident, and today will decide on the response of sportsmen on the behavior of fans.

Chairman of the Israel Basketball Association Yeremi Olmert, who is now at the Congress of FIBA, urged the leadership of the league, the judiciary and the Knesset maximum toughen punishment for troublemakers at sports venues.

Fans shocked at least basketball, immediately retreated to the locker room, we tend to blame the figliganstve fans of the opposing team. Holon fans are behind the team shield Jerusalem, claim that the place where they are located, it is simply impossible to throw a firecracker wherever she went. Moreover, that is hardly a fan of the team would throw a firecracker in her spare players. In addition, according to holontsev their entering the room virtually stripped to his underpants, while as Jerusalemites no one checked. However, the capital's fans do not believe that this was one of them, and accused of "terrorist act" guests from Holon, "known for his temper."

Meanwhile, according to the decision of the League scheduled for today match between Tel Aviv "Maccabi" and Ramat Ghanaian "Twist" has been postponed indefinitely.

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