"Bulletproof" tuning (7 photos)

California company Bulletproof Automotive is an expert in this delicate matter, as the Japanese tuning "lighter". For his project Bulletproof Honda S2000 GT they walked for a long time. Only when the company has served thousandth owner S2000, Ben Shaffer, president of the company, gave the go-ahead to the detuning own "kopeck piece." Ben himself designed the future of the project, which is inspired by the sports Honda S2000 CR and consulted in the firm's clients, who came to the S2000 service to him. Task was to make the car not only dream and shoukar, but 100% "stritlegal" version. The main "trick" of the S2000 golden color that is no longer a roadster with a cloth roof over your head. Specialists Bulletproof car turned into a real hardtop, ie covered the body with no B-pillar. The machine, which has advanced in what can only places the body, covered by a sloping roof on top of fiberglass with small side windows. Rigidity of the body, of course, it will not give, but done on the conscience and moreover, in a single copy.

In addition to an exclusive roof, another pride "monk" is a composite wide-body. The guys ordered in Japan body kits from Tracy Sports and Powerhouse Amuse, and finalized their own or as they say "remiksnuli." Got whales, unpacked, select the desired part, and the rest were sent to the warehouse. Then added a "Honda" More bunch of various linings and eventually S2000 widened to four inches around the perimeter. More car abundantly covered with carbon fiber components, such as the hood from the Top Secret R34 and rear diffuser of the same firm. The cabin also has a carbon fiber components, such as seat of the company Bride Gias. Steering wheel from the interior of the Top Secret S2000 orchestrated, albeit small, but still innovate. And more noticeable "trifle" in the cabin is titanium gear knob from ARC. Exclusive golden color also procured from Top Secret, and graphics on the machine made designer and celebrity Manabu «Mana-P» Suzuki, known by the Japanese auto magazines. The car has two sets of wheels. On rollers Top Secret Gold limited TE37 dimension 19x9.5 front and 19x10 rear and shod in Toyo Proxes T1R tires car riding on public roads. To track and showrooms procured drives Ings + 1 TS-06 from RAYS Japan and R1R tires 265/35/18 dimension from Toyo.

Sooner or later, the appearance will cease to shock and surprise even order something, it was decided to finalize and technical stuffing. Under the hood supercharger Vortech, motor spins the S2000 to an incredible 9000 rev / min. Exhaust system from Tracy Sports sports a catalytic converter and 70-mm tailpipes made of titanium. Suspension S2000 thoroughly refined, stock components are buried in a landfill. If you look under the car, and then there you can see the components of Top Secret, namely, shock absorbers and system Roberuta Cup Kit, which allows remote control of ground clearance at the "Honda". Also on the car set carbon clutch ORC and six-piston brake system J's Racing / Endless. "Bulletproof Monk" has left a unique boxed machine permitted for use on public roads and successfully annealed at the tracks.


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