Full Moon Hotel on Heerim Architects (5 photos)

Korean architectural company Heerim Architects is trying to move away from the generally accepted standards in the construction of skyscrapers, and the example is the project of two disk-shaped skyscraper, to be built in Baku. Gemini will not name, because apparently they are different, but united by their similar form, location and function: they will be in the two neighboring peninsulas of the same Gulf of the Caspian Sea, and the two will become hotels.

Full Moon Hotel will be disk-shaped, to symbolize the full moon and look completely different depending on which side and at what angle to look at it. This 35-storey building will include 382 guest rooms and will reach a height of 158 m. The Crescent Hotel is shaped like an arch and symbolizes the crescent moon; it is slightly less than its sestry- "moon" and rises to a height of 32 floors.

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