Kama Sutra with a laptop (16 photos)

It is surprising that so much is written about laptops, and never find a decent description of the item to work with them. Discuss this topic in the community is not particularly made, so many people have, shall we say, rather a vague idea about the possibilities of his body. As a result, many people experience discomfort from which may spoil the mood and overall performance to suffer.

This manual is intended to fill this glaring gap.

Position 1, the so-called classical or missionary.
In this position, there is practically no difference between a laptop and a desktop computer.
It was in her sitting at laptops vast majority of users. Unfortunately, it is not always the most
convenient, sometimes the height of the table is simply not suitable for the growth of the user, forcing hump and
all the time trying to put his feet somewhere. Not to mention the fact that when working table is littered with junk working papers and elementary nowhere to attach the hand.

And, of course, sometimes you want a change. It's OK. This should not be ashamed. Portability - an important feature of the laptop, it is in order and come up with to make you comfortable.

Position 2 - Watch LJ. A slight modification of the missionary position can lead to a significant increase in comfort.

Position 3, the so-called authoritative. Especially popular in several countries, where it is assumed to put his feet on the table.

4 position, at the airport. Ideal for rooms in which all the jack is specifically bastards have done far from the seat.


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