YouTube teen forced to beat her friend

30 March 16 year old Victoria Lindsay came to visit his girlfriend, where he suffered. The girl was first hit on the head and then hit the wall. No special purpose other than placing the bloody videos on the resource YouTube, teenagers are not persecuted, and Lindsay has become, in fact, a random victim.

Guilty teenagers were arrested on charges of beating. The truth is, the only adult young man already released on bail. Parents of the injured girls blame the administration occurred video hosting YouTube, which allows impunity to publish such material.

Guilty teenagers threatened to publish scandalous footage on the Internet, but did not have time to do that - they were arrested. But their ideas carried out by members of the news site Orlando Sentinel, which accidentally hit movie.

On YouTube claiming that the video, which received at least one complaint, are removed from the resource, but to spend predmoderatsiyu with such volumes of information simply impossible.

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