Flying Dutchman

Just the other day we told you about the airship. Today we will speak about the unit, only vaguely reminiscent of the zeppelin. But his function is the same - flying. At the moment the project Aeroscraft ML866 is under construction, but we already know exactly what it is capable aircraft. Aeroscraft can be completely independent of aeropota as can land or take off in a completely anywhere. Also, the vessel can get to places that do not happen wing aircraft, ie inaccessible to cruise fellows.

Thus, the new device will open new horizons for travel on business and for leisure and recreation. The area of ​​the aircraft cabin 500 sq. meters, which is almost five times larger than conventional business jets. Mksimalnaya movement speed - 200 km / h, the height of which will be able to dial a volatile giant - more than 3, 500 meters.

At the moment, developers are engaged in the certification of the Flying Dutchman, so that very soon it will be available to the deck for everyone.


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