Buyer pictures of Bacon and Freud was Roman Abramovich

Mystery shoppers,
Share on auction Christie «s for
two paintings by about $ 120 million, turned out to be the governor of
Chukotka and owner Roman Abramovich.

This writes the Sunday newspaper The Times citing "reliable sources".
"Sleeping sotsrabotnitsa & quot; sold at auction Christie «s in New York on Tuesday. The painting went for 33, 6 million, a record price for a work of any of the living artists. On Wednesday, already at Sotheby »s for" Triptych "Bacon buyer paid 86, $ 3 million, thereby updating the record for paintings by this author.

According to the editor of The Art Newspaper Ruiz Cristina (Cristina Ruiz), she was impressed by the choice of Abramovich. "This is a good purchase and I do not think they will fall in price", - explained companion The Times, adding that the Russian businessman is a novice in the art market.

According to The Times, on the purchase of paintings by Bacon and Freud Abramovich inspired by his 26-year-old girlfriend Daria Zhukova, who is interested in art and the recently launched her own line of clothing and accessories. Representatives of Chukotka Governor declined to comment on the newspaper "his personal affairs."

Recall, last week Zhukov announced plans to open in Moscow, Center for Contemporary Art CCC Moscow, which will be located in a former bus garage, built in 1927 on the project Constructivist Konstantin Melnikov. Informal start the project will be given June 12, 2008 at a private party, which invited the scandalous British singer Amy Winehouse.


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