Bugatti Veyron lost the Ferrari 599 GTB in a road battle

When something like this happens on the racetrack, it is taken for granted, but the case was described in the British countryside highway (at the site, the velocity at which are restricted to 80 km / h), and the local police incident had clearly not to their liking.

The owners of two crazy supercar Bugatti Veyron and Ferrari 599 GTB decided to argue who is better on the road, and made the race at a speed of 210 km / h. Their trouble for all those watching the police, who managed to detain one of the participants in the race - sluggishness owner Veyron! Driver 599 GTB, even though this car is slower Bugatti, was able to break away from the chase. From what we can conclude that the wheel 599 GTB sat more upscale driver.

The man sitting behind the wheel of Bugatti - a car with a "left-hand drive" with the French Room - lightly, received three penalty points and a fine of 60 British pounds.


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