AMD has promised to erase the line between movies and games

AMD is June 16 demonstrated the capabilities of its new GPU RV770, promising to erase the difference between movies and games. A new concept called AMD Cinema 2.0.

According to the company, now the developers have to choose between cinematic realism and interactivity. Cinema 2.0 is designed to bring interactivity to the scene with cinematic effects.

According to the developers, the use of Cinema 2.0 allows you to see the world in a science fiction film, to be in a car seat in the racing scene, to get into the center of the fire that the fire extinguish.

Make it assumes using RV770, computing power which reaches one teraflops (trillion floating point operations per second). This corresponds to the 5000 performance processor Pentium Pro, which were issued 12 years ago. The system by which demonstrated technology Cinema 2.0, was equipped with two cards based on RV770, Phenom X4 quad-core processor and AMD chipset 790 FX.

Based on RV770 also built recently introduced AMD's FireStream 9250 card is designed for scientific and financial calculations.


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