12 facts about aircraft

1. Air transport - the safest mode of transportation.

2. Every 3 seconds in the world once the plane lands.

3. If you have a chance everyday catastrophe was only 0, 01%, this would mean that the day should be split at least 13 aircraft

4. Donkeys kill more people annually than plane crashes.

5. die under the wheels of a car, standing on a crosswalk waiting for the green light traffic lights chance ten times more than in a plane crash.

6. Before each flight the aircraft passes a complex technical check.

7. Plane crash - it is never a coincidence, but always a combination of factors.

8. More than 80% of the population is afraid to fly. 5% completely rejects flights, preferring to air transport and ground water.

9. The scientific name of fear and flight altitude - aerophobia.

10. The flight attendants fall more often than representatives of other professions.

11. Many are afraid of falling down from a height of 10 km. It is not possible because of the strong pressure under the wings of the aircraft. It rests on the air is not worse than the car on the highway. It can be put on the tail, it turns on its axis by 100 degrees downward - and if you let go of the steering wheel, the plane will just wiggle in the air, like a boat on the waves.

12. Myths that Russian airlines are buying decommissioned aircraft in Korea, and our pilots are drinking alcohol at the helm - the result of mass aerophobia.


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