Chevrolet Corvette crossed with plane

In the US debut coupe Specter Werkes / Sports C6 Corvette GTR. As can be seen from the naming, talking about the modified Chevrolet Corvette present generation. GTR project was launched about a year ago. It provides for the creation of about 30 specially trained "Corvettes" which are addressed to overseas fans of the legendary supercar. A small factory Specter Werkes / Sports (SWS), located in the suburbs of Detroit, specializes in the preparation of engines for racing, producing a variety of accessories and tuning of some models of the concern General Motors, in particular, Chevrolet Corvette (Series C5, and C6), Cadillac CTS, Pontiac Solstice and the Pontiac GTO. At the moment, the flagship project of the company is precisely the Corvette GTR.


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