Incredibly lucky accident! (5 photos)

People who were traveling in the bus just unreal luck! I can not believe that no one was seriously hurt, seeing these pictures! udiv
Here are the words of an eyewitness:
Accident. An 9.09.08.
Wagon drove at high speed on the bus, which then issued a series of extreme, clinging to the median strip. Eventually the bus was "worn" on the dividing line, as kebab skewer. This iron band tore through a bus and through the engine entered the salon, one pierced the passenger seat at the level of the head and left in the rear window. Not one person was killed! 4 people received minor injuries. The bus was full, with all the passengers, except for one place, which was pierced this
piece of iron (photo 5). A passenger from that point went off the bus just two minutes before the accident ... terrible to imagine what could be there, if this is not a piece of iron went up to the roof, and directly ... Terrible luck, or, yet, someone is there .. ?


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