Groundhog Day 2009 (13 photos)

As you know, yesterday was Groundhog Day. American holiday, which became world famous thanks to the film of the same name in 1993.
The most famous groundhog named Phil world came out of the hole and saw his shadow. And it means that winter will last another 6 months.
Next, some photos. Marmot, seems shocked)
By the way, at the same time:
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has bitten marmot, reports Associated Press. The incident occurred on February 2 at the Staten Island Zoo, where Bloomberg took part in Groundhog Day.
When the mayor of New York City picked up out of the hole excavated groundhog named Charles Hogg, an animal bite his hand to the blood. Bloomberg did not interrupt the ceremony and a bandaged the wound with a handkerchief.


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