The world's largest cattle (7 photos)

Stella Deneb - the world's largest vessel for the transportation of livestock, with him some confusion - last year the ship was called Deneb Prima. In March 2006, Deneb Prima changed hands, stepping down from Pan United to Siba Ships. At the same time changed and register, instead of Lloyd became the Registro Italiano Navale.

April 17, 2008 The largest vessel for the transportation of livestock in the world headed woman Siba Ships appointed captain of its largest vessel for the transportation of livestock, in combination and the largest vessel of its kind in the world, Stella Deneb, a woman - Laura Pinasca. Laura led Stella Deneb in Fremantle, Australia, this is her first flight and the first ship as captain. She is only 30 years, the company Siba Ships, she got in 2006, the year, First Lieutenant. Laura worked for LNG carriers and cattle on Stella Deneb to the captaincy served as First Lieutenant, and in particular, during the record for the number of animals transported flight last year.


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