Kadykchan City (70 photos)

No - it is not Chernobyl, there are no dangerous radioactive or toxic contamination. You can even live in this city, but he was no use after the collapse of the USSR. Circle - devastation and desolation ...

What is Kadykchan? A translation from the Even language - Death Valley. Such a terrible name because in this valley there are underground lakes, which sometimes break the surface, in an unexpected place, in an unexpected hour! Clear: the natives (indigenous people of Kolyma) were afraid of this place as vicious. A Russian ... haha ​​.... What we do ... and not so kind! Built a settlement after the geologist Vronsky found there in 1943. The coal of the highest quality! And steel 400 meters from underground coal pick out, that was not cold those gold mines in the area picked out Susumansk who guarded the prisoners, and all other citizens. On Kadykchanskom embers worked Arkagalinskaya CHP and is powered 2/3 Magadan Region! Beautiful urban village, population of 10270 people (as of January 1986). In the beautiful and rich place! There Was .... Now he's gone .... Dies. Rain and wind breaks during five-story house, the wind blows in an empty apartment, overgrown streets and squares.


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