Memories of school, what are they?

September 1 - in Russia all children went to school. I read the news, as much nostalgia proshibla. Although, actually, for what? In fact, out of school, I made the following amount of knowledge:

1) All the girls of the world, apart from me, there is a figure skates.
2) Number of the magazine is easily corrected at four and a triple - on five (if the upper flourish britvochkoy clean up a little).
3) The need for britvochke disappear if the burn class journal in the pit for the transformer box.
4) "Zhi" and "shi" write a letter "and».
5) Ear, nylon tights and clock are only fallen women.
6) The best crib in the world is done so by taking black plastic case with a hinged lid, the lid pencil written formula. Put on the table, insolently written off. Graphite on a black background is only visible when you look at it from a certain angle, so that if the foam to put in the right, the teacher did not notice.
7) "No" with the verb is written separately.
8) Children are not born from kisses.
9) Children who have no spare shoes, have no right to go to school.
10) The coolest chops - a violet, the coolest calendars - it's "City", the coolest brand - is triangular.
11) If your place in the canteen appeared between children of the same name, you can make a wish - it will come true.
12) The desire to come true as if 30 times rewrite the letter razoshlesh his happiness and to her friends.
13) If you fall on the head of dirty chalk rag, you automatically become a "sifoy", ie syphilis. Recover from this is possible only in one way: to throw chalk dirty rag on your friend's head.
14) IDA ditties memorized faster poetry of Pushkin.
15) If you tell the teacher of Physical Education passphrase "I have a holiday today," he let go with the lesson.
16) Science is still unknown why the man needed a wisdom tooth, why dinosaurs became extinct and why the American proletariat can not overthrow the bourgeoisie and their heals as we.
17) obzyvatelstvo "sheep" much more offensive than "goat", and the "goat" offensive "sheep." The most offensive name-calling - it's "Cock».
18) If a file handle oktyabryatskuyu star, will star sheriff.
19) If the boy starts to hit you, call you, and lay a portfolio stuffed hedgehog from the office of biology, then he fell in love.
20) The integrals are best taken at Kovyazin. Where it takes them Kovyazina, science is also unknown. But teachers like.
All with the last day of knowledge!


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