Photos from the stern of the archipelago of Svalbard (5 photos)

Global warming, though threatened populations of polar bears, but on Svalbard (Norway), their number has recently increased.
In this post are some fresh and interesting photos with harsh archipelago of Svalbard.
That curious female polar bears, ice-queen of the desert, stood up on his hind legs and looking at the photographer.

It's a little closer to get a better look stranger, but prefers to keep a prudent distance.

You should not deceive ourselves its appearance. White and fluffy, causing a desire to cuddle emotion, really real killing machines. They are fast, strong and very dangerous. For one meal they consume up to 45 kilograms of meat! How much do you weigh?

Bears quarrel over the carcass of a whale.

Currently in the world there are only 19 polar bear populations and the number fifteen of them is constantly decreasing.

Because of the warming and the sea ice is melting longer left open. Bears have to longer and longer to wait until it is covered with ice, so that they can continue their hunt for seals, their main food source. Many bears drown, fleeing from hunger and still trying to overcome the great distances between ice floes.


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