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Kiter on the waves of the Mediterranean Sea in the area of ​​Ashkelon, Israel.

Protesters gathered outside the US embassy in Manila on Friday to express their attitude to the summit of leaders of the Big Twenty, held last week in Pittsburgh.

Nicola Lowe shows his tattoos on the opening day of the London International Festival of tattoos on Friday

Sellers sleep under the wooden swing on the sidelines in Allahabad, India.

4-year-old Ella Roberts at the hands of his father, Corporal Stephen Roberts, during the parade of the military in the English city of Chester. Military marched through the city to bid farewell to the native places before heading to Afghanistan.

Israeli soldiers in a clash with protesters at the Israeli border in Bil'in in the West Bank. On Thursday, the Spanish team of Israeli scientists were not allowed to participate in the competition for the best project on the use of solar energy, because their university is in the West Bank. It was the latest in a series of recent sanctions against Israel for its policy of settlement.

Firefighter Chris Gannon, center, watches the controlled burning of which made his team to burn the bushes near Piru, California.

Gay activists with torches and placards staged a demonstration at the Coliseum in Rome with the slogan "against intolerance and racism & quot ;. The meeting was held after the recent violence against gays in the capital of Italy.

British Business Secretary Peter Mandelson, watching the dancers during a visit to the British art school in Croydon. Mr Mandelson visited the school together with the Secretary for Culture Ben Bradshaw and former student of the school, the singer Leona Lewis. The purpose of the trip was to maintain the creative talents of the new generation.

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama welcome Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who arrived for dinner the leaders of Big Twenty in Pittsburgh.

Miss Universe 2009, Stefania Fernandez, right, and Miss Universe 2008 Diana Mendoza, take part in the ceremony of "Miss Venezuela 2009" in Caracas.

People lined up for a taxi in the center of the Honduran capital Tegucigalpa, after days of paralyzing the city daily curfew after the return of ousted President Manuel Zelaya. Zelaya, who took refuge in the Brazilian Embassy in the Honduran capital, claims that he met with a representative of the interim government.

Farmers poured milk on a field near the German city of Zernike. In Europe milk producers protested against low prices for dairy products, requiring government support.

Soldiers take part in joint Russian-Belarusian maneuvers near Minsk. During the exercise involved more than 12,000 soldiers, 200 tanks, 470 armored combat vehicles and 100 aircraft.

Boys pass by dummy depicting the ten-demon Ravana prepared for the upcoming festival of Dussehra in New Delhi on September 24. Scarecrow Ravana, who kidnapped the wife of the Hindu god Rama, burned on the last day of Dussehra festival in commemoration of the victory of good over evil. Rama killed Ravana to release his wife Sita.

Afghans play football in front of bombed the old royal palace in Kabul on September 23. The palace was designed by the French architect and built in 1923 by King Amanullah.

Employee monitoring service animals Guilford County Tracy Ross stops the movement to allow a group of pigs to cross the road in Stokesdeyl, NC, September 22.

19-year-old Garrett Zibell helps to unload grains during the wheat harvest on the farm E & F, owned by Fred Fleming, about Reardana, Washington.

Philippine police clashed with demonstrators at the US embassy in Manila on September 23. Protesters called for the withdrawal of US troops from South Philippine region of Mindanao and void the Philippine-American agreement on the deployment of US forces in the country.

Parade participants shooters drink the first glass of beer after the parade at the festival Oktoberfest. The picture was taken on September 20 at the meadow Theresa in Munich. This year, the world-famous beer festival, which takes place from 19 September to 4 October, will bring together about six million visitors. Thus, Oktoberfest is the largest folk festival in the world.

A resident of the Republic of Belarus Zdzislaw Endzheychik sowing winter wheat with his wife Helen in the village Hotenchitsy near Minsk, 21 September.

In this photo provided by the European Southern Observatory, see the center of the Milky Way - the zone between the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpius. Image in real color of sostvavleno 1200 photo made amateur telescope in northern Chile.

Roller coaster «Six Flags» at an amusement park Georgia, flooded during the flood on the river Chattahoochee in Atlanta, September 22. At least 10 people were killed in Georgia and Alabama because of the floods, which were caused by torrential rains in the southeast US.

Fire Esteban Virado ignites the bush to cause a controlled burn in the fire at the Crawford Ranch, near Grimes Canyon in Fillmore, California, September 22. In the fires in southern California this summer burned many houses.

Seasoned with land helicopter CH-53 produces false thermal target, flying over Helmand province in southern Afghanistan, 18 September.

A man prepares to leave the ferries in Balmene, a suburb of Sydney, Australia, on September 23 after the ferry had been suspended in connection with the dust storm.

Uighur merchants sell livestock bazaar in Kashgar in the Chinese region of Xinjiang, September 6. Xinjiang - Uighur Autonomous Region of China, in Chinese means "New Frontier". Also, this area is known as Chinese Turkestan. In recent years, there have been observed separatist sentiments.

The boy in the image of Lord Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction and reconstruction, begging on the River Ganges in Allahabad, India, 20 September.

Member of the British Parliament Quentin Davies looks out the window of the helicopter "Chinook" in the English county of Hampshire. The Government has signed two contracts for the modernization of these helicopters in order to achieve the best performance during their use in the harsh conditions of Afghanistan.

Swede Sofia Mattsson after the destruction that it caused the athlete from North Korea Kum Ok Han, in the fight for the gold medal in freestyle wrestling among women in the World Wrestling Championship in Herning, Denmark.

Demonstrators hold a protest near the place where the meeting Big Twenty in Pittsburgh environment. The summit ended on Friday.

Mike Kelik photographs flame huge fire near Moorpark, California. Wind- blown flame fire threatened power lines and oil fields. Presumably the cause of the fire was spontaneous combustion of organic fertilizers.

Car on an old washing machine near Savannah, Tennessee, on Wednesday after a flash flood, which was in the area on Tuesday night. Official sources say that damaged 16 houses, but no one was hurt.

New solar power tower plant type PS20 accumulate sunlight on the mirrors, which are called as "heliostats". Light is used to generate steam, which in turn is converted into electrical energy turbine. Photographed in Sanlúcar la Mayor, Spain.

In July of this year, a treasure hunter 55-year-old Terry Herbert found on farmland in the West of England treasure consisting of gold and silver jewelry Anglo-Saxon seventh century. Part of the collection was exhibited at the Museum of Birmingham.

Yuan Yuan Tan, principal dancer of the troupe "Ballet of San Francisco," dancing "Swan Lake" in Shanghai.

A woman walks past graffiti in North London. British media attribute this work street artist known as Banksy.

Samira, a girl mutilated during the war in Iraq, in celebration of the end of Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, which staged members of the organization "Doctors Without Borders", in Amman, Jordan.

Volunteers and rescue workers take out the body from the wreckage of the pipe that fell on a power plant in the Indian city of Korba. The number of dead in the incident, which was caused by poor construction, has already reached 36 people, seven were injured.

Ousted President Manuel Zelaya and his wife, right, during a Catholic service in the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The interim government abolished nationwide curfew, but retained the siege of the embassy, ​​where Zelaya took refuge on Monday.

A man walks past a brightly lit restaurant in Kabul.

Fans welcome the group U2 on the first of two concerts at the stadium «Giants» in East Rutherford.

One member of the delegation of Ethiopia during the performance of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in the Assembly at UN headquarters in New York. More than 120 heads of state gathered in New York.

Man with a woman relaxing in a lounge chair on the Baltic seaside resort of Warnemünde, Germany.


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