Tartu - a city of students (52 photos)

Tartu - the second largest city in Estonia. It is located in the southern part of it. It has about 100,000 inhabitants. Tartu - a city of students, one in five residents of the city - the student. Symbol of the city - a fountain "Kissing students". Tartu University was founded in 1632. Tartu - the second largest city of Estonia, is considered the cradle of Estonian culture. City unique and diverse; old time base and traditions, but the young people and their way of life; national and at the same time international. The history of the city is interesting, as it has always been a matter of dispute conquerors. Modern architectural appearance of Tartu stores classicism of the 18-19th centuries. It complements the design of modern buildings. Tartu - City of scientists. Five of the six research centers located in Tartu. Tartu - a young and fun city, a city of literature and journalism, a city of the first Estonian Song Festival, a theater town, city of art, city marathons.


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