Mountain Weather Station "Aibga"

Only in the territory of Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana inaccessible weather station "Aibka».
It is situated on a ridge at an altitude of 2225 Aibka meters above sea level.

I met great guys. They work for two people watch. 10 days at the top. 20 days at Tuapse. In Tuapse, because they teach meteorologists. Operate 12 hours a day. Indications must be removed every 3 hours. So do all the meteorological stations in the world that have not yet directly connected to Internet. This is not connected. So after reading they zavpisyvayut data in plate. This data is converted into a set of numbers (eg 59912 or 92003). And in such a dictate everything on the mobile phone. Landline phone had, but it did not work.

Nobody drinks and smokes only one bit. Cook their own meals. The only drawback - a lot of watching television.
Working for a sense of freedom and isolation from the world. Get, "ridiculous" to say, 6 thousand. Rubles.
Working with them "lavinschik." When I worked Valery. Looks years 30. It turned out a little more than 40.

Patchy snow fell more than 3 m. 50 cm

Alex checks samopisy air temperature and humidity

There are already checks the values ​​of air temperature and humidity (4 thermometer: max. Value, minimum, now the pace. And tempo. Snow surface)

Indications writes on a plate


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