Plane crash in Tripoli, Libya (7 photos)

In Tripoli, Libya, the plane crashed A330 airlines Afrigiyah Airways. Of the 104 passengers and crew miraculously survived the 8-year-old boy from Holland. According to preliminary data, the cause of the crash was the pilot error.

The aircraft Airbus-330, flying from Johannesburg crashed at the international airport of Tripoli. (Abdel Meguid al-Fergany / AP)

At the site of the crash are conducted search and rescue operations. (Mahmud Turkia / AFP - Getty Image)

The plane carried out regular flights airline Al Afriqiyah of the largest in the South African city of Johannesburg to London. According to the route in the Libyan capital Tripoli assumed short stopover. (Mahmud Turkia / AFP - Getty Image)


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