Last shuttle launch NASA (42 photos)

From Cape Canaveral, Florida was successfully launched to the ISS American shuttle Atlantis. Launch took place the day before at 22:20 Moscow time.
On board the space shuttle are six astronauts and their mission will last 12 days.
The astronauts delivered to the station about 12 tons of equipment, including the Russian Research Module "RassvetĀ»,
and will make three spacewalks. This is the 32nd and final flight of the shuttle, which began its mission in 1985.
Over the last shuttle launch from the territory of the Center Kennedy Space observed about forty thousand people.
Upon returning to Earth from the space shuttle NASA will only have two shuttles, Discovery and Endeavor.
They will make the last mission in September and November. Then fly to the ISS will carry Russian "Soyuz".


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