Italian carpets of flowers (18 photos)

If you ever plan to go to Rome for the second week of May, in the neighboring town Gensano to see the famous Infioratu - the festival of colors.

Gensano (Genzano) - a city in Italy, 25 km from Rome. Here, on the last day of the week "Body of Christ" (mid-June) is a festival of colors.

Gensano Infiorata - Flower Festival, which was founded in 1778. Each year, local artists cover the entire street (Belardo) floral carpets, the creation of which they are inspired paintings on various topics. Flower Festival begins with the collection of millions of colors for 2-3 days before the event. They keep fresh in caves Gensano and artists paint their masterpieces on the sidewalk Via Belardo. The festival ends on Monday, in the third week of June, when children are allowed to run on the flowers, destroying works fine.


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