Three-dimensional volume of Painting

Chinese Artist Wang Xia Xiao (Wan Xia Xiao) has introduced 3D-technologies in art long before the release of "Avatar." Wang Xia Xiao was born in 1959, in 1982 graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts of China, where he studied at the Faculty of oil painting, and in 2003 went on a special, his own way of painting - of art in 3D. Volume stained Wang Xia Xiao became a sensation, extending the traditional perception of the pictures.

Wang Xia Xiao uses an interesting and unique technique of connecting a plurality of two-dimensional pictures, to create a 3D image. Two-dimensional paintings with special paints the artist draws on the dark glasses. A stained glass window can consist of 30 paintings. Through the use of a technique of creation Wang Xia Xiao become like a hologram floating in cubic spaces.


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