After snow cyclone in Sakhalin (7 photos)

For two days, 24th and 25th of December, Poronaisk area fell three-month rainfall. Electric wire iced, due to the numerous breaks on the weekends many poronaytsev there was no light, heat and / or water.

Energy, says: "At the very time was spent repairing the lines a little bit, long reached the faulty objects. Snow fell so much that to get to the power line was impossible even for off-road vehicles. The boys traveled on skis, tools and spare parts bore, sometimes sank into the snow up to his waist ».
The city consisted of 10 units of snow-removal equipment, local utility companies and individuals. The central streets have been cleared, but cleaning yards technology is not enough to clean the yards, so the residents themselves have to trample on track. Motorists had to pick up a shovel, many have moved to the status of pedestrians. But the children are happy as elephants, the more that they have canceled classes on Saturday.


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