At the airport, caught fire and exploded in Surgut Tu-154

At the airport of Surgut caught fire during takeoff, and then blow up the plane TU-154 of airline "Kogalym Avia" carrying out flight to Moscow. According to recent data of the transport prosecutor's office, three people were killed, including a child. More than 40 people were injured. On board the ship the passengers was a group of "Na-Na", returned to the capital from a tour in Nefteyugansk, one of the soloists of the team was injured. The aircraft is completely burned. In connection with the air incident a criminal case.

According to the Emergency Situations Ministry, today at 15.25 local time (13.25 MSK) at the airport of Surgut when taxiing on the runway on fire one of the engines of the Tu-154. At this time on board were 116 passengers and 8 crew members. The fire quickly spread through the cabin of the aircraft. After the evacuation of people from continuing burning airliner exploded fuel tanks to spill fuel on an area of ​​1 sq. M. m. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The blast completely destroyed the aircraft. The fire was localized at 15.56 local time (13.56 MSK).

In case of fire aircraft, according to recent data of the Ural transport prosecutor's office, killing three people, including a child and a woman born in 1968. The information was confirmed by the Russian aviation authorities and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Earlier it was reported one dead and three missing.

By poslednm data, the number of victims has risen to 43 people. Previously reported 34 casualties. In the Surgut district hospital 27 injured were hospitalized with poisoning by combustion products, 23 people in a state of moderate severity, four of them - in a serious condition. The city hospital №1 Surgut delivered 5 injured, four of them are in the burns unit in a state of moderate severity, and one - a child - is in intensive care with a carbon monoxide poisoning.

The traumatic Centre delivered two victims in a state of moderate severity, the wounded leg injuries.

Ural Investigation Department of Transport has opened a criminal case under Art. 263 Criminal Code (violation of safety rules and operation of air transport). According to Transport Minister Igor Levitin, covers all versions of Air Incident, including the version of the attack. The Minister said that to investigate the incident in Surgut flies commission formed by employees of the IAC, Russian Aviation and RTN.

According to Levitin, "have no understanding of experts, which could cause fire." Meanwhile aviaeksperty not exclude that the engine liner could get a foreign object.

Eyewitnesses report that the burning aircraft emergency exits were not opened for a long time, on board a panic.

According to the singer of "Na-Na" Sergei Grigoryev, people got out of the burning plane, literally stepping on the head. "I was sitting in the tail of the plane and saw one of the first fire. Everything sparkled around, threw a thick black smoke, people started to panic, they just get out of each other's heads, "- said Grigoriev, whose story brings the site" " According to him, "the people around say that the plane left the children».

"When the engine is started there was some problem and the plane caught fire paneling. Emergency exits were not opened for a long time. People started this panic, some were torn straight through the fire, "- said another soloist of" Na-Na "Vladimir polities are in flight. "We went out on the wing of the aircraft. None of our children are not hurt, but burned all documents and stuff, "- he added.

Soloists team also reported that the fire spread very quickly. "The plane broke into two pieces and burned our eyes for 10 minutes," - wrote the soloist of "Na-Na" on the band's official website.

"Many thanks to the people who did not panic and managed to open the hatch in the center of the cabin. Through this output, we were able to get on an airplane wing, and then went down to the ground, "- said Grigoriev.

Rostransnadzor organized checking airline "Kogalym Avia" for compliance with transport legislation. The audit materials of the case will be handed over to the transport prosecutor's office, said the press service department.

Surgut opened hotline 8 (3462) 770-208, 770-309, where you can get all the information.

Surgut Airport, which was suspended in connection with the incident, now resumed work in normal mode.


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