Natural park "Palatinate Forest" (43 photos)

Natural park "Palatinate Forest" - this is the most extensive forests in Germany. And there is a castle where you can experience the Middle Ages.

The timing of hunting next to the Landau locks, was bad: most castles were closed. In Germany, as the host decides (almost all private ownership), so be it. For example, in some of the fortress is not allowed on Tuesdays. As a result, only one of the three sites visited was opened, and then, only half - you could walk around it on the street, and it was impossible to go inside.

The first castle - Landeck. Usually it can be clearly seen from afar, we, due to weather conditions, could see its outline only Klingenmünster commune - a small village at the foot of the hill.

Worth noting that the village was very cute and cozy

See how lovingly decorated facade and what wonderful lamp and sign

Main Street Klingenmünster

We go further to the castle. Gradually deteriorating quality of cleaning the roads from snow

At some point, the machine stops to go up the hill and had to walk. The idea is that this road is a beautiful view of the vineyards and on the hill should extend the castle ... But not this time

The road to Landeck took about 25 minutes, during which time I was able to make 300 beautiful pictures of snow-covered forest

Somewhere below one can see the houses Klingenmünster

We went up to the castle, and at the gate we were met by the inscription: "Sorry, the lock is closed»

Saddened, I went for a walk along the walls

At the bottom of the clouds floated

Went to try his luck in the fortress number two - in Madenburge

Castle Madenburg proved partially open, it was possible to walk on its territory

In fact, the fortress remained little ...


View down

The third was Rayksburg Trifels or Trifelsburgskaya fortress. Outwardly, she seemed much more serious and more modern previous

Go through the snow was difficult, the fortress is situated high on a stone rock

And until recently, was hiding in the clouds

This castle has a rich history - it was one time she actually was the capital of the Holy Roman Empire, the family castle of the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. This lock takes up to 100,000 visitors a year and is the second most visited castle in the Rhineland-Palatinate

Unfortunately, to get acquainted with the fortress closer prevent unclear when posted message on the door: "Today the castle is not working»

The final stage of the Palatinate forest trips was a visit to the top of CALM

Just 20 minutes the clouds parted slightly, and finally yielded to enjoy the view from a height. Over the hill, you can see the commune Maikammer

We climbed to the observation deck at the top of a hill at an altitude of 673 meters above sea level. Calm attracts many tourists to the top is a lot of hiking trails, and is located upstairs restaurant with a wonderful view of the coming of the earth and fields of vineyards. Somewhere in the clouds hid the town of St. Martin

Here is such a he, winter and snow Palatinate Forest


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