At what drive the representatives of royal dynasties (11 photos)

When Putin was in Sweden on an official visit, the Prime Minister's pool reporters were amazed:
near the luxurious cortege of tiny Russian parked Volvo C30, which sat behind the wheel of King Carl Gustaf.
Russian leadership has never understood this austerity.
In fairness, we note that when - that and the King of Sweden moved to greener crumbs under pressure from local journalists.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II is used to move an exclusive Bentley. The limousine was created on special order a single copy. Besides the amazing technical stuffing machine has a number of design features. Thus, the glass roof allows the Queen to enjoy a rare English sun. The body has a slightly greater height - to Her Majesty, leaving the car, I was able to get up immediately in full growth. In addition, the doors open at an angle of 90 degrees, which also facilitates Elizabeth II output and, as well as providing excellent contact with the subjects.

My favorite machine is the son of Her Majesty, Prince Charles, - dark blue Aston Martin DB6 in the back of a convertible. This is also a difficult car. Its engine runs on bioethanol. Moreover, fuel is produced from grapes grown on land owned by the royal family. Widely known Aston Prince Charles received after it was passed newlyweds Prince William and Princess Kate.

The Prince Albert II of Monaco wedding ahead. Will be held this solemn event this year. Preparations have already begun. So, the prince recently received special version Lexus LS 600h L. limousine with hybrid differs from the version of Custom unique transparent roof rugged. In addition, it is the only Lexus, the body which was painted entirely by hand.

Note, the royal family of Great Britain uses mostly English cars. This patriotism is characteristic even for only one of the dynasty of the world - the family of the Emperor of Japan. Head of Japan drives a limousine Toyota. This car is equipped with a 5-liter V12 engine capacity of 350 liters. s., equipped with all the security features, including protection from direct contact with the wheels of bullets.


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