Scientists have determined that people feel, gambling

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Gambling is a psychological disease. A person suffering from them feels an irresistible urge to gamble. If you, say, only from time to time, visit casino and have fun with slots and card games, nothing wrong with that.

The need ISSLEDOVANIYa if you want to play all day and leave the gaming clubs all their earnings, we are talking about the disease. Gamblers threatened by changes in the brain, in which to abandon the addiction to gambling becomes extremely difficult.

What emotion causes gambling?The experiment involved a person suffering from ludomania. He was playing virtual roulette, being in a special apparatus for imaging. He was given a substantial amount of money, no restrictions on the amount of bets was not. The scientists monitored the activity of brain activities and responses of test subjects at different stages of entertainment:
  • Rate. As the experiment showed, at the time of placing the bet the person experiences absolute peace of mind. Process standard – the player knows what he wants and how much;
  • The balloon launch on the field. When online the dealer throws the ball on the roulette field, the brain starts to react actively. The vision focuses on that sector, on which the bet is made. The player experiences extreme anxiety;
  • Win or lose. As strange as it may seem, the brain, however, intensified a few seconds ago, he calms down. Adds only insignificant share of disappointment or satisfaction.

Not less important is the fact that after one bet is played or not played, the test subjects experienced feelings of happiness. His emotions could be described as the expectation of the continuation of the process.

The scientists who conducted the experiment, said that the immediate victory and the hope of winning affect the brain the same effects. In other words, we gain satisfaction not from the fact that we correctly identified what the field will drop the ball. And from the interaction with game of chance, participate in it.

What can happen in the long term, emotional outbursts in the brain? The emergence of habits, and as a result, development ludomanii. So play online casino and enjoy lots of fun worth it, but to lose the "last money", holding slots day after day, no. If you feel the first signs of psychological dependence, you should take a break. And distract your brain with other pleasant things.


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