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One of the simplest and most pleasant of human activities is a game. This applies to children who are developing their imagination and sometimes trained adults who, thanks to the games can relax after a hard day or to entertain your inner child. Progress does not stand still, and now all play in the virtual world, because it gives wide scope for the flight of thought and imagination, it literally everything is possible!

In today's article will provide an overview of fortnite. This is a cooperative game multiplayer section. It allows players around the world play with each other, gaining a lot of popularity among gamers. The game has developed quite a large community that only the best affect public opinion about her.

One of the advantages of the game is its complete accessibility – it is "pull" all major gaming platforms — PlayStation 4, macOS, Windows, Xbox One.

The game was announced in 2011 and was drafted as 6 years, coming in 2017. Such a long time due to the fact that the management Studio made the announcement early enough, when the work has not yet begun. Usually the game designers go the other way, giving the information, already having something on hand.
Gave this game world company People Can Fly, Epic Games, the latter also acted as the publisher. Written in a fortnight on the Unreal Engine 4.

So fortnite the review should be with a couple of words about the plot. We stand in a world where on Earth the future of natural disaster had occurred. This has resulted in weather anomalies – storms. When they happen, there is a zombie invasion. It crippled the human race, and 2% of the survivors seek only to stretch as long as possible. The player will act as one of the surviving heroes, fighting for their lives.

To survive, complete missions with friends, exploring the disasters and rescuing other characters. Open world lies before you! The game is still in some degree a puzzle, since, thanks to it, players are trained to look for information. In particular, in the course of the game need to figure out how did this storm.

The gameplay is, firstly, the search of resources and survivors, which will provide additional jobs. Then, the construction and strengthening of building structures. Finally, the fight against the zombies in survival mode.
Try to play yourself, you'll be amazed at what you can do!


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