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Specialized clothing is designed to meet the needs of medical staff, nurses, technicians, doctors, pharmacists, etc. it is Extremely important to choose a reliable supplier of these products, and to closely monitor product quality, to prolong its service life. Comfortable medical clothing represented in the electronic catalog of the company "Maximini". Any consumer can order goods delivery to a selected region of Ukraine.

Features available assortimentnyj medical costumes will allow you to perform the daily work at a decent level. They do not restrict movement, comfortable to wear, are not subject to prior wear. Loose fit will allow you to facilitate the operation and breathable texture provides additional comfort. In the catalog you can find women's and men's costumes and hats (beanies) for doctors and medical staff.


For women there are stylish medical gowns that have a feminine cut and roomy pockets. A large number of colors, the use of durable materials in production, custom design are the main characteristics of the products from the "Maximini". The catalog contains over 300 items, they also are constantly supplemented with new models. In addition, consumers can choose ready-made sets of clothes, warm jackets, and medical accessories.

The main feature of this service is that it can help you to buy reliable products at factory prices. All the outfits in the catalog, are distinguished by their high quality tailoring, the presence of stylish details and functional elements, comfortable to wear. To purchase selected items directly online. To do this, simply click on the item and move it to the so-called electronic shopping cart.

The advantages of buying products through the catalog:
  • a wide range of products, there are original models of bathrobes for women;
  • there is no additional charge for affordable products;
  • delivery to any city of Ukraine, under the preliminary arrangement;
  • constant updates of the range;
  • free help of consultants.


How to choose clothing?For the selection of the correct size and model to apply in a convenient location. Wide size range will satisfy the needs of every category of consumers, and advice of competent managers will allow you to quickly resolve issues. The service is ready to offer reasonable terms to their customers. In addition, the service cooperates with reliable suppliers of clothes. This approach ensures the provision of different discount promotions and exciting offers.



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