The most interesting cruises on the boat - the opportunity of an unforgettable stay

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If you plan to stay, why not choose something unusual, previously unknown? It is quite possible with the help of the company "Bon Tour", offering clients a comfortable, interesting cruises on the boat, thanks to which there is always the possibility to forget about home, work issues, enjoy the beauty of the view, to get a charge of positive emotions. This trip will be a great alternative to the already rather overexposed standard leisure activities and pleasant memories of her will remain in memory for years to come.

Vivid impression of a pleasant stay
Examining convenient schedule of river cruises, you can easily find an appropriate option. Any tour is sure to delight an affordable price, as well as the quality of the offered service. A beautiful ride that allows you to contemplate the beauty of wild nature in the background of a comfortable stay at the most modern ship, will surely bring many happy moments to its participants. A team of specialists responsible for organization of the cruise, will take care to produce a positive impression on tourists, to give them the opportunity to fully enjoy the great service, to enjoy extraordinary entertainment.

The cruise participants have the opportunity to:
  • stay in a comfortable cabin, which includes a shower, air conditioning;
  • quality hotel on the beautiful deck;
  • visit wonderful restaurants;
  • use your one-stop meeting room;
  • enjoy spending time in bars;
  • exciting game in the Billiards room;
  • Wellness relaxation in the sauna;
  • use of other services.
Interesting choice of tours is huge!
Choosing river cruises in 2018, it is possible to consider family trips, honeymoon, relaxing holiday in friendly company. In addition, a trip by ship is available to make a memorable planning a wedding, effectively, to celebrate a Birthday, a special anniversary Banquet, to celebrate a corporate holiday. Predpolozhitelno tours offered can be different: customers have the opportunity to stay in a small two or three day trip or prefer a longer two-week vacation.
Wonderful service at affordable prices
Sending of the flights are performed with piers in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg. The most relevant are tours involving visits to Balaam, Uglich, Myshkin, Tver, Kostroma. View local attractions will not leave indifferent even the seasoned tourist. Beginner, had never sailed in a boat tour, be sure to admire the wonderful views, will appreciate the interesting tour suggestions, will feel a unique oneness with the beautiful nature. Well, a nice discount, stocks, price availability of the tour on the background of excellent service will impress all the participants of the cruise!


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