Plumbing and all the parts with quality guarantee

Eighty seven million three hundred forty thousand five hundred forty two

With a guarantee of quality and possibility of service offered domestic plumbing wholesale from the company "Santekhopttorg". With over 20 years working in the market, was formed with a full range of products sanitary purposes. We cooperate with domestic manufacturers and represent foreign companies on distribution conditions. So our customers get quality products at the most favorable prices.

Best sotrudnichestvom managed to create a reputation of a reliable partner and supplier of quality interproducts. Our product takes up 80% of all sales in the major regions of the country. Wholesalers and retail stores receive products at distributor prices. Each client receives the necessary advice and support to our regional representatives. Sales representatives are trying to maximize the useful range of sanitary ware in shops and supermarkets. So buyers will be able to purchase:
  • high quality sanitary ware;
  • necessary accessories;
  • related materials for installation.

We also own regional warehouses from which run the operational delivery of goods. And it reduces the cost of transportation and allows customers to pick their own products.

Our clients are:
  • customers of the wholesale segment;
  • building supermarkets and the company;
  • trading network throughout the country;
  • regional retail stores.

Always quality produktsiya offer domestic plumbing, fittings (piping and control), pumping equipment, radiators, water heaters counters and thermal insulation produced by well-known brands. Any model or article produced in the factory, and can be used for the purpose.

We guarantee the quality of any products presented in our range. Also provide maintenance services of plumbing professional. Each purchase is accompanied by a warranty card, which lists addresses of the nearest shops. Additionally, we accept claims for damaged goods and inform clients about the company's decision during the period to 5 working days.


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