5 devices that burn electricity even in off mode

Do you know that the appliances are able to lead "secret" lives and to continue to work even after you have clicked on "OFF"?

Website understand what electronics is particularly "obstinacy" and continues to consume power, even if we turned it off.

Charging without the phone

The charger continues to consume power,even when it is not connected gadget. However, this has little effect on our budget, because the capacity of such a device just miserable.

Set-top box for digital TV

The set-top box for digital TV continue to work after duty off and "wound up" energy is about 30 rubles a year.

However, many of us do not even translate such consoles in standby mode,limited only by disconnecting the TV. Because of this, the total cost increases by 5 times.


It turns out that pressing the "OFF" button on the remote, we do not switch off the TV and turn it into sleep mode? In this state it consumes about 30 per year.

Computers and laptops

Even in the off mode of computers and laptops continue to work. Therefore, turning them off from the outlet, you will be able to save money on electricity by about 120 per year.

Those who usually leave the computer in sleep mode, you can multiply that figure by 1.5.

Appliances with a timer

Such subtle detail as a running timer, it says that the device on which it is located, will continue to consume electricity. Turning off such equipment from the outlet, you will save more than 130 dollars per year.

Is it possible to disable?

Someone above figures do not impress, and someone, on the contrary, seem very convincing.

Anyway, off equipment from the power outlets still stands. After all, if an unscheduled jump in voltage you can lose a fortune the burnt-out electronics.

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