15 paintings of an artist who surpassed the reality

Nineteen million eight hundred eighty three thousand one hundred seventy

Yigal Ozeri (Yigal Ozeri) — a genius of painting, whose paintings almost impossible to distinguish from photographs. The hyperrealism of his female portraits is striking.

We Site in awe of the talented works of Israeli artists, so we offer you to evaluate the best of them.

Forty three million six hundred forty eight thousand nine hundred forty five

Fourteen million six hundred ninety two thousand seventy two

Ninety two million six hundred sixty nine thousand seven hundred forty nine

Fifty seven million sixty eight thousand seven hundred twenty three

Twenty five million nine hundred twelve thousand three hundred fifteen

Forty one million one hundred seventy five thousand eight hundred thirty five

Seventy one million nine hundred forty one thousand six hundred fifty six

Seventy two million three hundred fifty five thousand four hundred thirty nine

Thirty seven million four hundred forty eight thousand seven hundred sixty six

Twenty two million one hundred twenty five thousand five hundred forty seven

Twenty two million five hundred thirty two thousand nine hundred ninety

Thirty million seven hundred fifty nine thousand one hundred eighty three

Fourteen million one hundred sixty five thousand two hundred forty four

Twenty four million five hundred eighteen thousand one hundred seventy seven

Twenty one million four hundred forty one thousand two hundred two

Photo preview of Yigal Ozeri

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