Artificial intelligence will help Toyota in the development of "green" cars

Research Institute of Toyota — the Toyota Research Institute — intends to develop new materials that will be used in the batteries of electric cars and fuel cell cars on hydrogen, and artificial intelligence. For this purpose in the next four years, the automaker will spend $ 35 million.

In the course of the project "Toyota" plans to get not only new materials but also to adapt artificial intelligence for further search and development of new methods of obtaining the necessary components.

Partners of this program, research Institute carmaker began several major educational institutions. In particular, Stanford University, mit, University of Michigan, state University of new York at Buffalo, University of Connecticut, and the British company Ilika.

According to chief research officer of the Toyota Research Institute Eric Krotkov, this project is part of the plan "Toyota", involving the reduction of harmful emissions from new cars by 90 percent by 2050.

Now in the Toyota lineup, there is one hydrogen model: sedan Mirai. It is equipped with a 153-horsepower power plant, which receives energy during the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen in fuel cells. The maximum reserve chetyrehdverki is 480 kilometers. Full hydrogen refueling will take about five minutes.

In the U.S. the price of Toyota Mirai begin with 57 thousand 500 dollars, 25 thousand $ 385 more expensive than the basic version of the Prius hybrid hatchback last generation. published


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