12 funny TEXTS that only pregnant women will understand

Nine million eight hundred thirty seven thousand six hundred sixty

Ten million seven hundred forty five thousand six hundred twenty seven

Pregnancy is a memorable period in a woman's life. Future moms are ready to spend hours discussing with each other a million common themes about food, the way people view them, and more.

Site awe applies to all mothers and dedicates this post to those who eagerly counts the days and months before the appearance of the miracle on the light.

Thirty five million five hundred eighty one thousand four hundred ninety five

Thirty two million three hundred forty six thousand eight hundred ninety two

Sixty one million five hundred eighty one thousand six hundred forty eight

Sixty million fifteen thousand twenty eight

Fifty one million two hundred forty one thousand seven hundred thirty four

Fifteen million three hundred eighteen thousand five hundred eleven

Sixty four million two hundred thirty six thousand nine hundred thirteen

Eleven million three hundred eighty eight thousand forty three

Twenty eight million eight hundred seventy six thousand seven hundred thirty two

Thirty four million two hundred ninety three thousand six hundred fifty one

Eighty six million eighty five thousand seven hundred fourteen

Fifteen million four hundred seventy thousand nine hundred thirty nine

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