Skilled gardeners shared fascinating ideas spring flower beds. The beauty and sophistication!

For tenants of private houses and owners of cottages, spring is a special time when on the site it is possible to realize the most daring ideas, turning the world around in a magical garden, wild flower garden or an unusual Park. Investing your love and labor, you will enjoy further relaxation in this garden. Pleasantly pleasing to the eye will be the flower beds in the yard, especially when they bloom the first spring flowers.

The editors of the"Site" prepared for you a selection of the most beautiful ideas of design spring flower beds. When choosing plants we must ask, in what period they blossom. This means that the scheme is flowering very well need to consider. Special attention is needed to shape the bed panels. If not to guess with a flowering time of plants it will look rather dull.

Ideas for flower beds
  1. Decorate the area with flowers around the perimeter of the site. Thus your whole yard will look lovely.

  2. It is not true that moniklubi choose only those who want to save money, suffers from laziness or lack of imagination. Within certain plant species are so diverse that you can from them to create a small miracle, pleasing to the eye.

  3. Tulips... a Little Holland in your garden.

  4. A very interesting idea!

  5. Colors — the first thing that must learn gardener.

  6. The feeling that this is not a court, and an exotic island.

  7. Though on the street, but still in pots. Looks very nice.

  8. Was unsightly Chan, and turned the bed of incredible beauty.

  9. Consider the size colors to tall plants not covered from the sun and your eyes low.

  10. Different kinds of colors one range look very noble.

  11. Little joy.

  12. Just look how Mature the transition from light shades to dark.

  13. Pink is one of the main colors of the coming spring.

  14. Will look perfect near the entrance of the house.

  15. Green — the perfect color for the background of any flower beds.

Creating flower beds is an unlimited Playground for your imagination. Here is the place any ideas and experiments. A flower bed can become a work of art that sets the tone for the entire HOMESTEAD area and making it unique and original.

Tell us in the comments what kind of flowers you prefer to use for your flower beds, and don't forget to share with your friends!

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