Superhero on the streets of Prague

In the Czech capital, the city has a real superhero who calls himself SuperVatslav. The man has his own superhero costume: blue tights, red jacket, cape and helmet, equipped with a video camera. The mission calls SuperVatslav fight against injustice, hypocrisy, hypocrisy and indifference to what is happening around the Czechs.

The first, with whom the hero joined the fight, became careless smokers and dog owners do not clean up after their pets in parks and squares. Smokers SuperVatslav pouring water from a bucket, but for dog owners that leave their droppings in the grass dogs, he chases previously armed with waste products of their dogs.

"I hope everyone understands it as a joke, but the implication is clear. I really do not understand why boys and girls are smoking at bus stops, "- says SuperVatslav, commenting on the situation, when he lashed out with the bucket on the people waiting for the bus with cigarettes. In the future he intends to act more tactfully, that he did not have to run from those who is on his way.

Czech superhero notes that it plans to expand its field of activity - going to confront rudeness in state institutions, the habit of some people in the capital to drink alcohol on the territory of children's playgrounds and parks, illegal graffiti on buildings, petty theft, and corruption.


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