How to quickly check the quality of washing powder: a simple trick with an unexpected result.

The range of Laundry detergents huge. And sometimes to guess the quality of washing powder is very difficult. Derive some spots, but leave the whitish bloom on the dark things, the other gentle, designed for colored clothes, but just "refresh" and not wash out the contamination.

A good washing poroshkino long tormented in search of a suitable tool, while spending a lot of money if you do not know about one simple trick to determine the quality of washing powder.

To determine the quality of washing powder, dissolve in a glass of water 1 tbsp of powder, then placing into the solution a piece of the egg, hard-boiled.

If after a day the protein remained intact, the powder is low quality. Protein is softer and even started to dissolve — powder suitable for washing colored clothes and clothes with light pollution.

Well, if the protein has dissolved completely, this tool is ideal for washing white and heavily soiled things!

Here's another quick test. In the desired number of containers (depending on the number of samples of powder) pour 50 ml of warm water. Dissolve in each tank to 1/4 tsp of washing powder. Then add to each vessel 2 drops of green fodder, stir and watch the color of the water.

In a glass with a quality bleaching powder in water should become discolored fairly quickly, accordingly, this tool can (and should) wash the white stuff.

Thanks to lifehacks from "Site" your sheets and towels will always Shine white, be sure to share your secrets with your friends!

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