Ronaldinho will be free to play for the team "Epicoene", lost most of the players in a plane crash

When a disaster happens in which people die, the most important thing for their loved ones support and participation. The recent tragedy that occurred with the command "Epicoene" proves once again that dedication some people can rise above their own interests. The website hastens to inform all fans of interesting football news: Ronaldinho returns to football!

Smotri-football.siniscalco days ago, the whole world shook a terrible tragedy: in Colombia, crashed the plane with the players of the Brazilian football team "Epicoene". Survived only two defenders Alan Russel and Elihu Present, as well as goalkeeper Jackson. Fans are beside themselves with grief, however, there is news that will help them cope with the tragedy. footballer Ronaldinho, winner of the Golden ball and the title of best player in the world in 2004 and 2005, expressed his willingness to play for the team "Shapechange" in the following games. As he said Ronaldinho, he agrees to participate in all the games absolutely free for a year or two years, hoping to be able thereby to support relatives and friends of the dead players.

In addition to Ronaldinho, to play for "Epicoene" said the Argentina midfielder Juan Roman Riquelme. Both players had announced the end of his sports career in 2015. However, for the sake of the Brazilian team was able to continue to participate in the competition, they agree to waive a well-deserved rest.



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