How to survive in a plane crash (6 photos)

Now I will tell you what to do to survive in a plane crash.

Many people believe that the chances of escape, and the plane crash close to zero, so do not consider it necessary to carefully study the safety instructions. For example, although the recent crash of Flight 217 airline «Asiana Airlines» proves - subject to the rules of evacuation the number of victims manage to significantly reduce: what happened in the San Francisco International Airport accident managed to save 305 of 307 of people on board.

Here are some rules to follow that can be more likely to survive a plane crash:

1. Consider traveling suit

Going on a trip, choose the clothes so that it was most convenient to you in the event of an emergency.

"Imagine that runs out of the burning plane - advises Cynthia Corbett, a member of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FAA). - For example, do not wear high-heeled shoes or slippers light - they are inconvenient to run ».

Long sleeves and pants can protect against shrapnel and burns: according to experts of the National Council for Transport Safety (NTSB) 68% of the victims account for fires ignited after the accident.
"It is important that during emergency situations shoes do not fall down with your feet, and the exposed surfaces of the body are protected with a thick cloth, such as denim," - added Corbett.

2. Choose your seat when purchasing tickets

According to research by the magazine «Popular Mechanics», the safest places are located in the rear of the cabin.

Ed Galea

After analyzing the fatal plane crash that occurred in the last 40 years, experts give the following statistics: On average, seated in the rear by 40% more likely to survive. Also try to stay close to the emergency exit and close to the aisle.

Professor Ed Galea, an expert on fire safety from the University of Greenwich in England, found that the surviving passengers usually sit within five rows of emergency exits: according to him, at the time of occurrence of an emergency is better to sit closer to the aisle than the window or in the middle.

3. Take off and landing

Experts say that the most dangerous time - the first three minutes after take-off and eight minutes before landing: force majeure occurs more often on these phases of flight - this time it is better not to remove their shoes and do not lose sight of the two nearest emergency exit.

Hand luggage located under the seat in front of the passenger sitting - it will help prevent injuries because they do not allow you to slip under the seat in front, in fact broken legs among the victims of air crashes are fairly common.

If you crash or emergency landing can not be avoided, keep calm, do not panic. Take the so-called "pose survival": crossed palms, put them on the back of the seat in front, then press the palms to the forehead - so better chance of surviving an accident, if there is no front seats, lean forward and hug her knees.

Also remove the pockets sharp and angular objects like pens and key: in emergency conditions, even an ordinary comb can cause harm.

4. Rule 90 seconds

Remember, if after the crash, you can leave the salon for 90 seconds, significantly increasing the chances of escape: some passengers in a state of panic can not even undo the seat belt - and then their bodies and are sitting in a chair.

In an interview with «WebMD» Cynthia Corbett said:

"It is important to know how to behave in emergency conditions, even if not received any instructions from the crew: It happens that people just sit and wait when they are told what to do, and the situation is exacerbated by the time».

In the incident with the flight 217 most victims managed to escape, because the victims were able to quickly evacuate the aircraft.

"If someone hesitated, things could be much worse," - said John Hensman, head of the International Center for Air Transportation and Corbett adds: "Do not try to find and collect your luggage, it may take precious time».

5. No more dangerous than the escalator in the metro

Experts on transport security are encouraging: according to statistics NTSB, only one of 1, 2 million commercial flights has an accident: flight crews carefully work out measures to prevent a variety of emergency situations, creating new safe non-toxic materials and more advanced fire protection systems winged machines.

Chance to die in a plane crash is 1 in 11 million, whereas, for example, in a car crash - 1 to 5000, so there is much safer for humans to fly than to drive a car.

"Being on board an aircraft, you run the risk of no more than going down the escalator in the metro," - said «ABC News» John Hensman.

"I believe that travel through the air - the safest way to travel - summed Corbett. - But during the flight, we should not forget about safety and the rules of conduct on board. Do not be afraid to fly, simply follow the instructions clearly. "


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